how to program a trail camera


  Make sure you clear the area in front of the installed unit. Any branches, tall grass, or other elements that can move in the wind could create false detections. Also take note of objects that can reflect the sun towards the camera obstructing the view.


·        Make sure to place the product facing south if your camera has a built-in solar panel and facing north if it does not. This will increase the performance of your solar panel and improve the quality of your photos.


·        Install the product at the same height as the body of the animal you want to see in your photos. (Recommendation for deer is the height of your belt)


·   Install the product so that it is parallel to the ground. This improves the detection range and the IR flash coverage as well.


·      Make sure the glass protecting the image sensor is not dirty. This could affect the image quality.


·    Install your device, with the included strap, firmly on a stable object (e.g. a tree). Make sure the unit is stationary and that the object on which it is installed is not likely to move with the wind. This would cause false camera detections.


·        Install your device in order to reduce the presence of sky in your photos. You will get better photos this way. Too much sky in the photo can cause the IR firing to be delayed in the evenings causing dark photos.


·    Try to have elements in the background to reflect the infrared light produced by the camera at night to get brighter photos. The denser the background, the better the quality of your night photos. Example: Open food plots or fields will result in darker photos. Pictures taken in the woods will appear noticeably brighter with adequate IR reflection.


·        Make sure you insert the SD or microSD card in your device. All of our devices need a memory card to work properly.


·        Make sure to install the batteries in the right direction. Carefully follow the visual indications on the battery compartment for your device. 


·    Make sure you have removed the small transparent “Remove before use” sticker on the detection lens (small black rectangle). The transparent sticker will prevent proper motion detection.


·      Make sure your device’s door(s) is properly closed and that the gaskets are clean. This will prevent water or residue from seeping into the device.